Conscientious Professionalism

Advanced Preparation

  • The best equipment.
  • Cameras that simultaneously capture images on two separate memory cards.
  • Back up equipment (multiple cameras, lenses, fully charged batteries, memory cards, etc.) on hand in the unlikely event of a failure.
  • Confirmed email communication regarding event details including location, early entry access, schedule of the event, and special notes from the client which may include a shot list. It is important to give them what they want. It is also important to give them more than they expected.
  • Scouting the location is very often done if it is an unfamiliar venue. This can be vital to plan the early placement of supplemental lighting or negotiate access to special shooting locations within the venue, etc.

Arrive Early

  • No ifs, ands, or buts… I always arrive earlier than the scheduled shooting time. In fact I am often the first to arrive and sometimes wait for a door to be unlocked.

Make Hay while the sun shines… well before shooting time

  • Set up light stands (usually 4). In addition to attaching all 4 lights and 4 battery packs to the stands, it is important to color correct the light to match the venue lighting and choose the appropriate light modifier (umbrellas, diffusers, etc.) and then test the light function and balance with the existing house lighting. These are time consuming steps that make an important difference in the quality of my photography. Weddings (and some other events) necessitate bringing out the light stands  after the ceremony has been completed. This will be done very quickly because I have them tuned and ready to go waiting out of site in an unseen back room of the venue. This is all done before the agreed upon start time.


  • I love what I do and I am honored to be entrusted with the very important responsibility of capturing so many special images from the events that I photograph.
  • Being a positive, prepared, attentive, and dedicated professional is imperative in order to get the best images.