Clients' reviews of Mike Miller Photography.

Mike took senior pictures for my boy/girl twins, and we are very happy with the results. I chose Mike because my teenage son was a reluctant participant, and Mike made the whole experience great! I got several beautiful pictures of both of the kids.

-Rebecca Carson

HMNS-Gems of the Sea

Your photos from the Gems of the Sea exhibit were really wonderful and I love the way you capture the images in such differing possess.  Most just photograph them from the straight angle and don’t see the beauty beneath.  Thanks so much for sending these lovely, exceptional photographs!  It makes my artist’s heart happy.

-Tina Petway
Associate Curator of Malacology
Houston Museum of Natural Science

Real nice stuff from the photos at the VA Hospital – lots of shots to pick from.
Great to work with you.

-Jeffrey Leeser
Photography Coordinator
Merion Publications, Inc.

Seriously as good as it gets. Mike has done photography for my family for almost 10 years, and he is the only one I have ever worked with who has continually added immense value to the events he is photographing as well as created heirloom memories for my family at the same time. His sense of humor is engaging and fun, which brings out the best in the people in attendance, which makes for better pictures - it is a terrific circle. He constantly communicates effectively, his pricing is an excellent value, and he is not happy until I get exactly what I want. He photographed my wedding, and treated it with respect, and at the same time gave me ideas which worked better than anything I imagined. He photographed my son's recitals, and brought out senses of fun, dignity and maturity in my son. He has also photographed family photos, the results of which still hang in my home. He is the consummate professional, and provides platinum service to every job, no matter how small or big.

-Dennis Whitaker
Houston, TX

Mike Miller took a group shot of family and also individual pictures of our 4 children and their families. Since there were 19 in the group picture it was quite a challenge. One of our younger grandchildren made a funny face and Mike was able to seamlessly photo shop from another pose. We were completely satisfied with all aspects of the experience. He really enjoys his job and it shows in his humor and his professionalism. We found his pricing to be very competitive.

-Carol Mungavin
Mirrormont, WA

Mike Miller Photography took pictures of our wedding in May, 2016 and a month later our reception.  We could not have been more pleased with the shots he took, the personal way he captured the two events.  He was able to get all his shots in a very unobtrusive way.  He was patient and efficient in moving one family group in place, and then another. As for cost, I believe his fee is very reasonable and worth every penny!  I NEVER tire of looking at our pictures!!!
Thank you Mike!!!

-Rebecca Baird
Houston, TX

Awesome photographer, fun photos, easy to work with! Mike goes above and beyond to get the best shots while also being so organized. His work pleases even the strictest of critics. : )

-Lisa Murray
West Lafayette, IN

Mike was our wedding photographer 8 years ago and the pictures are still amazing! He is very easy to work with and knew what we were looking for the entire day. We've had the pleasure of knowing him since. Most recently, he's taken pictures of our daughter. Those pictures are also incredible. He worked so well with her!
Thank you, Mike, for the great pictures and for being so easy to work with!

-Emily Kleiner Jankowski
Houston, TX

Mike did our wedding photos and we're still married!

-David Means
Houston, TX

Mike Miller Photography is a fantastic company run by a great team! We initially met Mike when he worked my sister-in-laws wedding, then we hired him for our own wedding because we were so impressed. They were friendly, discrete, professional, and did amazing work. A few years after that, we hired him to take pictures of our family after we had our first born son (along with my sis-in-law and her kids). A great shoot with some amazing pictures! We definitely plan on hiring them again in the future!

-Jennifer Husband
Houston, TX

Thank you for everything. I've had several comments from folks regarding how much they enjoyed your enthusiasm. Sounds like everyone really had a great time, and the photos are great!
Happy Holidays!

-Mandi L. Winter
USP – Subsea/Facilities Engineer
ExxonMobil Production

Perfect – I will put the check in the mail and then when you get it if you could email me some type of receipt for my ever growing wedding files I would appreciate it! And I am so glad that we finally met as well – I could not wait to get back to the car and call my Mom to tell her the good feeling that I got from both you and Vickie! Thanks so much – again! Have a wonderful weekend.

-Shawnna Poston
Houston, TX

I love the pictures they're just so fun. I love how they don't look so perfect and posed, they look natural. I will definitely keep you in mind if I need another photographer for anything.
Thanks again and have a great new year!

-Amber Mungavin
Houston, TX

Thank you for sending me this file on short notice! I really appreciate it. Not only did you take beautiful pictures, but you actually made the photo session fun-- and I always dread photo sessions! It was also very helpful that we could actually see the pics on the screen as you were taking them, so that we could make the appropriate changes.
Take Care.

-Michelle Levy

Your photos are simply marvelous. You made my day! I would like to order a bunch of them.

-Aija Izaks
Dreams Come True Music

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We are so pleased. I knew the shoot went well, but I never dreamed how good the photos would turn out. You did such a great job, and now we have the problem of trying to choose! But that's a good problem to have!
I will be happy to recommend Mike Miller Photography to anyone who sees our portraits!

-Kellie Hurst
Houston, TX

These are FABULOUS!!!
Thanks so much! I'll be ordering some after my kids preview and pick what they want!

-Karen Guilliams
Houston, TX

OH MY GOSH !!! They WERE in my mailbox, and they are wonderful. Mike, you've been so generous. Clint is going to love them.
Thanks so much.

-Kim Wetmore
Houston, TX

Thanks again for you patience and excellent work for us. I have and will recommend you to all of my friends with any upcoming events that may pass.

-Samantha Singh
Houston, TX

I couldn't have done it better myself.
No, really. I couldn't have even done it half as well myself...
We will be ordering quite a few...
Thanks a bunch. I'll be sending this off to all family and friends soon.

-Dennis Whitaker
Houston, TX

Great photos! I will have the players let you know which prints they would like to order.
How much for me to use, say 3 of these on our new web site?

-Vaughan Pederson
Encore Strings

Great pics!! I would like to order at least 20 pictures from your website.

-Gina Pehlman
Houston, TX

I just tore through your online proofs from the Blue Bayou. You’re very gifted… Thanks for taking the shot of me and Sunghee at the end of your evening. I just forwarded her a link to the proof where I’m not smiling like a goof. Don’t stop blessing the world with your talent!
Peace and Blessings,

Jamison M. Day
Ph.D. Professor of
Operations Management
Department of Decision
and Information Sciences
Bauer College of Business
at the University of Houston

You got some great shots, I may want to purchase a few to put on our website.

-Rom Ryan (representing)

AWESOME pictures!!!! I have the list of pictures that I want for the website. They are as follows:
From the Museum of Fine Arts job: 5541, 5553, 5582, 5593
From June 9 photo session: 3963, 3989, 4000, 4019, 4090, 4079
I'll order prints on the website.
MUCHAS gracias, Mike! Beautiful job. I will also be putting your web address on our webpage.
Fond regards,

Sugarland, TX

The pics are great! I'd love for you to come to our June 24th meet at the same pool and take more pics. As a coach and parent it's great to get close ups of the kids swimming that our ordinary cameras can't get or we're too busy cheering. Anyway, I'll email this link to the Friendswood parents and the League City team (red team). Let me know if you think you'll make the meet.
Thanks and nice meeting you.

-Katie Raterink
Friendswood, TX

It was nice to meet you. Thanks for doing a great job.
Have a good day.

Lesley J. Nicholes

They look really nice. Other than the subject matter that is.
We will be back at Kemah on August 3rd and I hope to see you there if you can make it.
All the best,

-Kent Newman
Rat Ranch

Hello,I’m Charlotte’s mother and I wanted to let you know that the pictures turned out great!!! Of course we are going to purchase some photos but I had a question, can we get some of the selections in black and white?

-Jennifer Berry Murrill
Houston, TX

I love my pictures! Thanks so much. Can't wait to have another "shoot". Maybe late October? :)
Take care,

Houston, TX

The pictures were great and I appreciate the ones that you got of my three children. I love outdoor pictures and the pictures that you took were absolutely beautiful. It is the only time they have been in the same location at the same time in over a year. Two live in California and the other lives in Baton Rouge and I can never get them together to take pictures. (The pictures of Brian and Shawnna were good too!)
Thanks again for your help and your talent.
You're great!

-Lisa Duplant

You did a wonderful job on our pictures. Thank you so much !!!!!
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!!!

-Marcela and Curtiss
Houston, TX


-Debbie Rychlik
Audit Assistant
Fort Bend County Auditor's Office

Ellen just left me a message, And she said you were great and you all were able to get a real “sweet” patient – always a good thing.  I will let you know when we get the pix – Thanks!  And of course, I will let you know when I get another Houston area shoot.

Jeffrey Leeser
Photography Coordinator
Merion Publications, Inc.
Publisher of ADVANCE Newsmagazines

Touched By An Angel
My brother gave me this for Christmas and it is the greatest gift I have ever received....
Thank you for making it possible,

-Tammy Harris
Crosby, TX

Your pictures were incredible.  Everyone loved them.
Thank You!!!

-Charles Holmes
Houston, TX

It’s 2:12 a.m. – GREAT PICTURES! Many thanks – we had a lot of fun!

-Alissa Pederson
Encore Strings